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Chinese Opera Institute of Shaanxi Province

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The Institute grew out of the People's Drama of Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region established in 1938.

In the bombing of the Anti-Japanese War and the Liberation War, the artists created and performed many outstanding operas as Chinese Soul, Twelve Sickles, Hared of Tears and Blood, Hatred of the Poor. After 1950s, the Institute presented Visiting West Lake, The Orphan of Zhao Family, Liang Qiuyan, and also created and performed a number of important operas with widespread influence. In those operas, The First Emperor won the performance prize and 11 individual prizes at the National Chinese Opera Emulation. The Modern Meihu Opera The Wife Comes Drifting Along, An Apricot Flower Village, The Crane Waltz, Pay True Love, Hua Opera Concubine Yang, All True, Qin opera: A West Lake Tragedy and Tongzhou Bangzi Opera The Non Character Stable won the New Opera Prize and a lot of other prizes of the Wenhua Prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture. The newly created historical opera Cai Lun won the No. 1 of the first grade prize and 11 individual prizes at the National Exchange Performance of New Opera of the Bangzi Opera, and won the New Opera Prize of the Wenhua prize in 1997. Tongzhou Bangzi opera The Scholar from Guanxi won the No.1 of the first grade prizes in the Shanxi Rose Blossom Local Opera Exchange Performance for the 10th anniversary of the founding of Holland Theater, and the International Art Festival in Manigen, Germany.

Its famous artists include Ma Youxian, Yuan Zonghan, Hao Caifeng, Lei Kaiyuan, Li Dongqin, Li Mei, Jiao Ruixia, Sun Cundie and Wang Qi.


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