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Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Shaanxi Province

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The Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Shaanxi Province grew out of Northwest Art Troupe, which was established in Yan'an in 1940. The House created and performed a great number of outstanding programs with distinctive spirit of the era, rich flavor of life, and strong local characteristics. For example, Being Brothers (opera), Flower and Youngster, Woman Commune Member, Happy Harvest, Ode to Wind and Thunder (dances), Song of Working Time in the Border Area (suite of song and dance), Great Advance, The Yanhe River Flows as Before (vocal music works), What a Lovely Land (instrumental work), etc. Since 1982, the Troupe has created and performed programs such as Imitation of Music and Dance in Tang Dynasty, Tang Music and Dance in Chang'an, Ancient Rhythm in Shaanxi, Love for Chinese Sorghum (dance dramas), Dance Poem for Yellow Land (song and dance); Zhang Qian (opera, winner of Wenhua prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture), Peach Blossom Ferry (opera), Fantasia Suite of the Silk Road (Guanzi concerto); Cross the Sea to the East (folk symphonic poem), Yellow Land (film music suite); Lan Huahua (Erhu music), and etc.

The Theater has visited more than 40 countries and regions. It has created widespread influence of on national and international art stage.

Chief artists at present include Zhao Jiping, Feng Jianxue, Gao Ming, He Xinyue, An Jinyu, Min Dongfeng, Ren Hui, Li Qi, Zhang Yulong, Cui Binyuan, Zhang Yong, Xue Lina, Zheng Kai, Sun Yanfeng, Wu Shimin, Hu Tie, Wu Tong, Ji Zhe and Zhang Lie.

Address: No. 165, Wenyi North Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province

Post code: 710054

Tel:  (029) 88125908

Fax: (029) 87804487


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