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Chongqing Municipal Chuanju Opera Theater

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In Dec. 1955, Chongqing Opera Theater of Chongqing Municipality grew out of Chongqing Experimental Chuan Opera Theater (established in 1951). Since its establishment, the Theater has rehearsed and performed a lot of outstanding operas, such as Story of Willow, Story of Thorn Hairpin, Story of Burning Incense, Story of Funu, Story of Red Plum, Story of Colorful Building, Story of Pipa, Story of Embroidered Cotton-padded Jackedt, Marriage of Lotus and Pearl, Adventure of Lord Qiao, Peacock Bile, Dragon Bone Fan, Jiang Sister, Dragon Spring Cave, Case of Broken Marriage, Mr. Ling's Rice Dumpling, Empress Wuzetian, Hero of the Era, Nie Xiaoqian, Gold and etc. A lot of these above-mentioned operas won many prizes, such as Opera Prize, Director Prize, Performance Prize, Music Composition Prize and Stage Art Prize at the 1st National Traditional Opera Emulation Performance Meeting and Southwest Region Drama Joint Performance.

The Theater has visited and performed in Poland, the former Democratic Germany, former Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Singapore and Hong Kong region. It has also been to Taiwan for art exchange. It has received high praise from foreign friends and warm welcome from compatriots in Hong Kong and Taiwan regions.

In the Theater, the artists with great contributions are: performing artists ZhangDecheng, Zhou Mulian, Zhou Yuxiang, Wu Xiaolei, Cheng Danran, Li Wenjie , Jiang Shangfeng ,Li Wenyun ,Qiong Liangfang, Hu Shufang, Xu Qianyun, Chen Guixian, Zhao Youyu, Zhang Qiaofen, Liu Shuyu, playwright Zhao Xunbo, Ni Guozhen and musicians Li Zilian, Li Shiren, Huang Yiliang. The up-coming young performers are Liu Maozhao, Wang Shize, Zhuang Qimei, Xu Yongming, Ma Wenjin (winner of Plum Blossom Prize), Luo Jailing, Liu Shade, Xiong Pingan, Zhang Jianping, Huang Ronghua; playwritht Long Xueyi; composers Chen Anye and Guo Zifang; choreographer Pan Hezhi, etc. The new performers are Shen Tiemei (winner of Plum Blossom Prize), Xiong Xiangang, Zeng Zhen, Xiong Wei, Zhong Bin, Sun Qun, Peng Xinqi, Ding Li and etc.

Address: No.76, Jintang Street, Yuzhong District, Chongqing

Post code: 400013

Tel: (023) 63834146

Fax: (023) 63846564


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