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Nationalities Opera and Dance Drama Trope of Qinghai Province

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The National Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Qinghai Province was the result of a merger between the former Opera and Dance Troupe of Qinghai Province and Acrobatics Troupe of Qinghai Province in December 2002. The two were successively established in August 1950 and April 1959. Nine branches -- including the Song and Dance Troupe, Symphony Orchestra, Acrobatics Troupe, Creation Center, Performance and Operation Center -- were also added to the theater in December 2002. The theater boasts a staff of 180 members, with 47 percent from such ethnic groups as the Han, Tibet, Hui, Tu, Sala, Mongolian, Dongxiang and Manchu.

Since its inception, the theater has always followed the basic instructions and policies about artistic creations by ethnic groups and produced a group of influential programs both at home and abroad. All of its programs, including operas and dance dramas, vocal music and instrumental music, and acrobatics, are characterized by a strong local flavor of Qinghai Province.

The opera and dance dramas "The Evening of the Grasslands", "The Heart Fountain", "The Eagle of the Sow Mountain", "Alima", "Zaxidele", "Back Drum", "Yana", "Three Masterpieces of the Tibetan Art", "The Morning of the Bird Island", "The Youth Sonata", "On Sixth June", "Colored Sleeves", "The Sources", "Golden Drum", "The White Hada", "An Earnest Hope"; the large Tibetan myth dance drama "The Sources of the Colorful River"; the large ethnic musical dance "The Auspicious Land"; instrumental music "The Seasons", "Peony Blossoming", "The Spring of Yushu Grassland" and "The View of Herding Ox" have won high praise in various artistic contests and performances nation wide. More than 50 works and some individuals have won the prize at the State, provincial and international levels.

The troupe has made guest performances in 33 countries, including the United States, Cyprus, Turkey, Tunisia, Malta, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, DPRK, Mongolia, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Jamaica, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago and Hong Kong.

It boasts a strong cast featuring such artists as sopranos Wang Ruiying, Ma Wene, Xiao Feng, Qing Mei Yong Zhang; singer Ma Jun; and vocalists from the Mongolian nationality Gu Li and Guan Xinhua, who have won the prizes at various vocal musical contests nationwide and in the province. Works by first-grade composers Shi Guanlin, Jiang Yide, Fu Peihua, Duo Jie Ren Zhong and second-grade composer Duan Huiyu have been dubbed by the Chinese Gramophone Recording Company. Dancers Yang Xiandong, Qi Meide, Yingzuo and stage art designer Bai Yan and Ma Weiming have excellent acting and other advanced skills.

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