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Shandong Provincial High Bio-technology Industry Base (Tai'an)

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Shandong Provincial High Bio-technology Industry Base (Tai'an) is located in Ningyang county, Tai'an. It is one of the second batches of high-tech industry bases in Shandong with approval of the Development and Reform Commission of Shandong Province on Dec 13, 2010.

It is the first provincial-level high-tech industry base, and one of three high-tech industry bases that take the prefectural region economy as its core.

More than 40 biological enterprises including 15 biological enterprises above designated size (companies with an annual turnover of at least 20 million yuan) have stayed in Ningyang. The bio-industry is a pillar sector of the county.

The scale of industries of biology fiber, biopreparate, biopesticides, biological breeding, bioenergy and biofertilizer keeps expanding.

Chitosan fiber made by Huaxing Group has been included in one of the first key projects of strategic industries of Shandong with approval of experts from Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). Huayang Group is a top 5 pesticides company nationwide.

It can produce ten kinds of biopesticide such as proclaim and avermectins, and biological products such as spinosad. Ningyang Shennong Seed Industry Company cooperates with Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of Chinese Academy of Sciences to build aerospace vegetable breeding base that covers 20 hectares.

Ningyang's biological high-tech industry is composed of biochemical engineering, biopesticides and biological agriculture.

The county aims to build pure chitosan, maize starch and bioethanol based on safe, efficient and environmental biopesticides to promote adjustments of agricultural industry. In biological agriculture field, it is to accelerate the building of aerospace vegetable breeding base to promote rapid development of agricultural economy of Ningyang.

The base will be a domestic first-class innovative provincial-level high-tech industry field of biology through implementation of high-tech projects and technology innovation platform.

Contact Information:

Contact unit: Ningyang Economic Cooperation Bureau

Person to contact: Mr Hu

Tel: 0086-538-5616607


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