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Zhuguang Yujing Hot Spring Hotel

Guangdong Zhuguang Yujing Hot Spring Hotel is located at the intersection of the four prefecture-level cities of Meizhou, Jieyang, Chaozhou, and Shantou in Guangdong province. It takes only 30 minutes to get to Chaoshan Airport and the high-speed railway station.

Guangdong Zhuguang Yujing Hot Spring Hotel covers an area of 30,000 square meters and boasts impressive facilities. It has guest rooms, hot springs, western restaurants, karaoke rooms, and other entertainment facilities. Each deluxe room in the main building has an independent leisure hot spring pool, and each luxurious garden villa is equipped with four bedrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen, and a chess room, as well as a 60-square meter private garden and a 10-square meter private hot spring pool.

There are a total of 28 large and small hot spring pools in the hotel’s hot spring park, including the swimming pool and children's pool. The hot spring rest area covers a total area of 500 square meters, including three VIP lounges with single electric sofas, massage chairs, and more amenities. Free fruit, snacks, various drinks, and interactive table tennis and billiards are also available in the rest area.

Located on the first floor of the hotel, the western restaurant features panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass, allowing guests to dine while enjoying the private garden. The restaurant can accommodate more than 200 people at the same time, offering morning and evening buffets.

Add: Fengshun County, Meizhou, Guangdong Province

Tel: +860 753 6898888

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