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Dahua Qibainong National Geological Park

Qibainong National Geological Park is located in the northern part of Dahua Yao autonomous county in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and borders Hechi city's Donglan and Du'an counties.

Nandan Geyasigu Scenic Area

The Geyasigu Scenic Area is located in Lihu Yao and Encun villages in Chengguan town, Nandan county.

Tongjiang Park Scenic Zone

Tongjiang Park Scenic Zone is located on Qingfen Mountain in the county seat of Nandan county.

The Gulong River Scenic Zone

Located in the middle section of the Linjiang River, the Gulong River begins its journey in Gulong village, Xiangbei township, and flows southward to Dragon Dune Isle, covering a total distance of 10 kilometers.

Hot Spring Park in Nandan county

It is located 12 kilometers southward from the county seat and is a major channel leading to the seas in southwestern China lies to its east.

Longtan Hydropower Station Scenic Zone in Tian'e county

It is a major development project on the Hongshui River and one of 10 key Great Western Development projects.

Fengshan World Geological Park

Located in Fengshan County and covering an area of 25,000 square meters, Sanmenhai Scenic Zone is representative of typical karst landforms found throughout the world.

Huaiyuan ancient town

Huaiyuan, an ancient town with over 1,300 years of history, is home to many historic sites, such as an ancient commercial hall, a wharf, and a temple.

Bama Panyang River Scenic Zone

The Panyang River Scenic Zone, also known as the Longevity River Scenic Zone, in Bama Yao autonomous county was rated as a national AAAA scenic spot in 2009.

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