The Crystal Palace

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The Crystal Palace was promoted to a National Level-AAAA Tourist Attraction in 2011. It is about 44 kilometers northwest of the Bama county seat, in a karst region with peaks, depressions, valleys and other great topographic features. The cave is on the slope of a spotless, white peak with dense stone hairs, curly stones, stone flowers and incredibly fresh air. It is a medium-sized corridor-like cave developed along a rock stratum with pathways inside without much change in elevation. Surveys have found it to be more than 600 meters long, 8-40 meters wide and 10-35 meters high.

In several places at the bottom, there are pebbles, fine sand and gravity sediments such as stalactites, stalagmites, stone columns, stone strips, stone flags and various types of stone curtains, stone waterfalls and stone shields. The non-gravity sediments come in dozens of types and shapes – all of them pure, spotless white and exquisitely carved. The collection of natural art treasures is still growing, giving the cave high visual and scientific value.


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