Third Sister Liu's Hometown

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Folk performances

The Longjiang River scenic spot is seven kilometers away from the downtown area of Yizhou district in Hechi city, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The Longjiang River that runs through Yizhou and the Xiajian River that runs through the Liusanjie Township converge here, with the banks of the two rivers stretching 25 km.

Opened in 1992 and boosted by the popularity of TV musical Third Sister Lieu, which was shot on location there in 1996, the scenic area gained public attention when featured in the 14-episode Culture and Art Research Center of China production. The site is now a popular shooting location attracting many well-known film and TV productions.

In 2010, the government of Yizhou drew up a plan to develop the scenic area between 2010 and 2020. Additions like the Singing Goddess Bridge and the Water Stone Forest have increased the original 900 hectares to its current 1080 hectares.

Located along the Longjiang and Xiajian rivers, the whole scenic zone offers such sightseeing locations as the Hub of Tour Dispatch and Third Sister Liu's Former Residence. The Water Stone Forest features rocks of remarkable shapes, rolling hills and elegant spires. A grand spectacle, the forest is known as as "the Soul of Karst". A vibrant landscape, clear waters and thick bamboo forests decorate the Xiajian River area.

Also near the river are three mountains: Nanshe Mountain, Huixian Mountain and Tortoise Mountain. In the scenic zone, many souvenirs and consumables are being offered for sale. Tourists can see the sights from a pleasure boat, enjoy folk song performances, learn the history of Third Sister Liu, and relax in their experience of rural life in a farmer's home. The zone is now one of the classic tourist routes featured in the "Folk Culture Tour in Guangxi".


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