From martial arts to mobile phones: 6 stories about learning Chinese the fun way

For most people, learning a foreign language is a difficult task. But it can also be fun when you do it a little creatively, such as by watching talk shows, listening to music, enjoying local cuisine or even doing sports. Find your inspiration about learning Chinese from Chinese learners around the world while enjoying their amazing stories.

“I learnt about the Confucius Institute through high school actually because my teacher would show us the ‘Learn a Chinese Phrase’ videos.”

Allen Paul has lots of fun with Chinese learning. He talked about a dragon boat race and how he learnt Chinese through interesting idioms. He also understands more about life when interacting with Chinese learners in various of activities.

“I start my day by getting up early to practice boxing. This habit never changes over the years, come rain or shine. It’s a good habit I developed in China.”

Aznous Boisseranc, 36, is a teacher at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. When he came to China for further education, he had an opportunity to learn Kung Fu (martial arts). Now he also owns a martial arts school in Chile.

“Now everyone calls me ‘Deyun Girl’ because I gave a cross-talk performance at the ‘Chinese Bridge’ Chinese Proficiency Competition this year.”

Faith, a student at Kenyatta University of Kenya, is a big fan of Chinese, especially Xiangsheng (crosstalks). Not only does she work hard on Chinese language, but also she enjoys taking part in various cultural activities.

“There are different cultures here. They are colorful like rosy clouds. Kia ora. Come together.”

Dou lai ba (Come together)! Let’s have fun in singing and learning Chinese. Join the group of middle school students from New Zealand and find your inspiration in learning Chinese.

“From Philippines to China, I got closer to the Chinese language and gradually learnt more about the country.”

Wei Yi, a student at Angeles University Foundation in the Philippines, came to learn more about China when she lived in this country and met many Chinese friends. Making great progress in Chinese learning, she values the days she spent in China.

“I learn Chinese by mobile phone. I use an App. I learn 30 new words every day.”

Jake Rogers, a student at La Trobe University in Australia, started to learn Chinese out of his interest in Chinese history. He keeps practicing Chinese every day by using his mobile phone. With his enthusiasm for the Chinese culture, he believes that his dream of exploring China has just begun.

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