Technology powers Wuxi's traditional manufacturing to new growth

Updated: Jun 7, 2024 By Cang Wei and Peng Chao Print
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Automation equipment helps save manpower in Wuxi Diesel Engine Works. [Photo by Peng Chao/]

Wuxi in Jiangsu province, a key hub of China's manufacturing industry, has been coordinating the upgrading of traditional industries, injecting strong momentum into regional high-quality development.

Empowering traditional industries with new quality productive forces for transformation and upgrading has become a consensus among many traditional manufacturing enterprises in Wuxi.

As a textile company with a history of more than 100 years, Wuxi No 1 Cotton Mill Textile Group is now at the forefront of technological innovation, leading the upgrade and transformation of the traditional textile industry.

Cai Yun, chairman of the group, said the textile industry spans multiple sectors such as basic materials, chemical molecules and equipment manufacturing. Although the entire production process has remained unchanged for thousands of years, the technological content of equipment has changed significantly.

In terms of production volume, with the improvement of equipment accuracy, the output of a spinning frame has increased nearly five times compared to over 20 years ago, and most textile equipment has been localized, added Cai.

Li Yuxiao of the Wuxi Diesel Engine Works in Huishan district noted that production tools are the core determinant of the productivity level.

Since launching the intelligent system in 2019, the peak production capacity of the factory has risen from 100,000 units to 178,000 units, increasing profits by over 100 million yuan ($14 million).

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