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Xiamen brands extend global reach at 2024 China Brand Day

Updated: May 14, 2024 Print
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xmswj0513.jpgThe Xiamen Pavilion at the China Brand Day 2024. [Photo/Xiamen Daily]

The eighth China Brand Day and a series of related events kicked off in Shanghai on May 10.

Forty brand enterprises from Xiamen and two industrial parks made an appearance at the national brand event, promoting themselves to the world.

At the event, the Xiamen Pavilion, with the slogan "Standing at the forefront and renowned worldwide", attracted many guests. Centered on the two main sections of "intelligent manufacturing trendy products" and "new trendy lifestyle," Xiamen brand enterprises showcased new products, technologies, and services.

The Xiamen brands showcased at the event are engaged in various fields such as advanced manufacturing and modern services. They not only reflect Xiamen's technology and innovation but also highlight the preservation of historical culture and the realization of a better life.

This is a testament to Xiamen's successful practice of leading high-quality development through brand building, accelerating the cultivation and formation of new quality productive forces.

As the typical representatives of Xiamen's characteristic industrial parks, Xiamen Software Park and Xiamen Haicang Biomedical Port showcased their park features and latest development achievements at the event. This marked the first time for the industrial parks in Xiamen to make appearance at the event.

Xiamen brands have an underlying focus on green development and environmentally-friendliness. For example, the tear-resistant "Dawnsens Paper" brought by Dawnsens, produced using innovative flash steaming technology, is lightweight, high-strength, tear-resistant, and waterproof yet breathable. It is carbon neutral throughout its entire lifecycle from raw materials production, and processing to use and disposal.

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