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Updated: May 7, 2024 Print
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A bird's-eye view of Pushan village in Longyou county, Quzhou. [Photo/]

A rural tour route featuring Quzhou's picturesque scenery has been shortlisted as a national boutique route, as recently announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Eighty-two routes in the country made the list.

This two-day, one-night journey invites tourists to immerse themselves in the ever-changing seasons while exploring the countryside, indulging in the beauty of nature, experiencing the melding of art and culture, and partaking in local folk activities.

The route includes key destinations such as Yudong village, Pushan village, Jiangxi Weir, and Xikou Ancient Street.

Yudong village is renowned for its farmer paintings, with over 300 of its 800 residents dedicated to creating these vibrant artworks.

Pushan village, home to the She ethnic group, boasts 72 farmhouses adorned with diverse ethnic-themed murals depicting mythical legends, folk tales, ethnic crafts, and wedding and funeral customs.

Dating back to 1330-1333, the Jiangxi Weir is an important part of China's water conservation history and was honored with a spot on the World Irrigation Heritage Sites list in 2018.

Xikou Ancient Street, originating in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), is a charming thoroughfare lined with ancient buildings and renowned for its exquisite bamboo weaving crafts.


Jiangxi Weir in Quzhou is an important part of China's water conservation history. [Photo/]

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