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Smart rehabilitation equipment helps Baotou's TCM treatments

Updated: Apr 29, 2024 Print
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Patient Ms Deng tries out rehabilitation equipment under the watchful guidance of Zhang Xudong, a rehabilitation therapist at the hospital. [Photo/Baotou news network]

The Shiguai District Hospital – located in Baotou city, in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – has transformed its original traditional Chinese medicine or TCM outpatient department and treatment rooms.

They've been repurposed as rehabilitation areas, exercise therapy areas, occupational therapy areas and smart rehabilitation areas – creating a top-tier TCM medicine rehabilitation department in the metropolis.

The hospital's smart rehabilitation area is now equipped with three-dimensional upper limb rehabilitation robots, wrist joint rehabilitation robots, three-dimensional interference therapy devices and other smart rehabilitation equipment.

The medical team at the hospital integrates know-how from disciplines such as artificial intelligence, robotics, mechanics, biomechanics, information science and rehabilitation medicine – using intelligent bionic technology to assist patients in completing their limb training exercises.

Some patients use advanced equipment under the guidance of rehabilitation therapists.

"Ms Deng here fractured her wrist three months ago and after being immobilized for a long time with plaster and steel nails developed joint adhesions," commented rehabilitation therapist Zhang Xudong on April 24, while conducting a rehabilitation equipment session with her.

"We will first use motion machines and other intelligent devices to relieve her pain and reduce inflammation, then use traditional Chinese medicine techniques such as fumigation, massage and acupuncture to provide treatment for her," Zhang added.

"The treatment times and resistance of the equipment are adjusted according to Ms Deng's condition. Compared to manual therapy, the equipment can maintain a constant level of force," Zhang said.

Ms Deng, who has been troubled by pain for a long time, said she felt that the rehabilitation experience was very effective.

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