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Enlightening Yangtze River Delta Library Reading Night with wisdom

Updated: Apr 23, 2024 Print
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The Yangtze River Delta Library Night was held at the Zhijiang branch of the Zhejiang Library on April 21, celebrating the 29th World Book Day and marking the first time the branch has been open in the evening.

The event kicked off with a fashion show by students from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, showcasing traditional Chinese attire and holding cultural classics as they immersed the audience in the serene and elegant lifestyle of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Following this, performers from the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music presented the Melodies of Song Dynasty concert, bringing ancient melodies to life on stage for the first time.

Renowned scholars and experts were invited to share their insights and recommend classic literature. For example, Professor Zheng Jiali, deputy director and researcher of the Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, led the audience on a journey to ancient Hangzhou and explored the cliffside stone carvings of West Lake during the Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279).

The Shanghai Library, Nanjing Library, and Anhui Provincial Library showcased their collections as well. The Nanjing Library utilized artificial intelligence and computer imaging technology to create a lifelike virtual image of an AI librarian, who introduced the rare Liao Dynasty (907-1125) golden script version of the Great Flower Adornment Sutra.

Furthermore, the Zhijiang branch of the Zhejiang Library held various experiential activities, including stone carving rubbings, woodblock printing, papermaking, and tea tasting, along with activities for children's picture books and hand-copying activities.

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