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Guiyang optimizes customs clearance to boost foreign trade

Updated: Apr 23, 2024 Print
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Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, has implemented a series of convenient customs clearance measures to promote the efficiency of its import and export work, thus helping foreign trade companies to go global and accelerating the development of foreign trade.

Last year, Guiyang Customs fully utilized the advantages of Guiyang International Land Port's open channel, and strengthened cross-zone and cross-provincial cooperation with Guangzhou Customs.

It explored and launched a new "inland-port" coordinated customs clearance model, which has achieved the same customs service efficiency as those at coastal and border ports. This ensures smooth customs clearance for Guizhou to import and export goods.

On Feb 8 this year, a China-Europe freight train loaded with Guizhou-made products departed from Guiyang International Land Port. The train carried 165 domestic brand cars manufactured in Guizhou, worth 18.29 million yuan.

Zhucheng Customs, affiliated to Guiyang Customs, adopted a "pre-supervision" model to propose supervision requirements and targeted suggestions for dangerous goods involving batteries. Meanwhile, it got involved in the entire process of car loading, and helped the enterprise to fully utilize the container space of the freight train. This train was expected to reduce logistics costs for the export company by 350,000 yuan.

According to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement, import enterprises with certificates of origin enjoy direct benefits such as tariff reduction and exemption, while export products can gain price advantages in RCEP countries.

Since the RCEP took effect on Jan 1, 2022, Guiyang Customs has issued RCEP certificates of origin worth 1.15 billion yuan, allowing companies to enjoy tariff reduction and exemption of approximately 57 million yuan.

To enable more companies to benefit from RCEP policies, Guiyang Customs continues to carry out publicity and training in areas such as rules of origin, tariff concessions, and approved exporter system.

Guiyang Customs has also continuously optimized its business handling processes. With the "intelligent examination + self-printing" system for the certificate of origin management, normative certificate data that is uploaded by companies can be processed online at any time, significantly improving customs clearance efficiency.

Over the last two years, Guiyang Customs has reviewed and issued 876 RCEP certificates of origin for export purposes, 91.8 percent of which were self-printed.

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