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Mind-controlled bionic hands with Hangzhou wisdom enhance daily life

Updated: Apr 16, 2024 Print
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Using an innovative "mind-control" technology, individuals like Zhou Jian are seamlessly integrating bionic hands into their lives, overcoming physical limitations and embracing a new sense of confidence, local media outlets reported.

Crafted by Hangzhou-based tech firm BrainCo, the hands operate by translating electrical signals from the brain into digital commands, a groundbreaking advancement in the field of brain-machine interface.

For Zhou, his bionic hands have become an indispensable tool, assisting him in various daily tasks with remarkable precision. From opening doors to typing on keyboards, the hands have become extensions of his body, responding effortlessly to his intentions.

The secret lies in the seamless synergy between the user's thoughts and the hand's actions. By capturing and processing electromyographic signals generated by muscle movements, combined with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, the hands execute movements based on the user's brain commands.

Moreover, the hands are not just tools; they symbolize hope and empowerment for individuals like Zhou, inspiring them to push boundaries and pursue new possibilities.

With continuous advancements in technology, the hands are evolving to provide wearers with enhanced sensory perception and tactile feedback, bringing them one step closer to mirroring the capabilities of real hands.

A bionic hand assists an individual in daily life tasks. [Photo/]


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