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Guiyang and Gui'an to create 10 rural tourism sojourn demonstration belts

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Raorao village in Gaopo township, Huaxi district of Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, is a typical Bouyei ethnic village. It was selected among Guizhou's first batch of key provincial rural tourism villages in 2019 and among the second batch of key national rural tourism villages in 2020.

It has a solid foundation for rural tourism sojourn development. Since the initiation of the demonstration project for transforming rural residential houses into homestays and developing rural tourism, the township has created its own homestay brand and had transformed 19 idle houses by the end of 2023.

According to a representative of Gaopo township, this year, Gaopo plans to transform another 15 houses and put them into operation before the end of May. By then, Gaopo will be able to receive more than 700 tourists at a time, which equates to an annual rural tourism income that exceeds 2 million yuan.

In addition, Shanwangmiao village in Qingyan town has explored the establishment of a "rural property management team", and implemented a rural tourism complex project that integrates accommodation, traveling, and catering.

In 2023, the village received over 100,000 visits and achieved over 1.7 million yuan in comprehensive tourism revenue, increasing the village's collective economy by over 520,000 yuan.

According to the rural construction station of the Guiyang Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, this year, Guiyang City and Gui'an New Area will construct 10 demonstration belts for transforming rural residential houses into homestays and developing rural tourism:

1. Huaxi district: Machang village, Qiantao township – Raorao village, Gaopo township – Shanwangmiao village, Qingyan town

2. Baiyun district: Shangshui village, Dula township – Penglai village, Niuchang township

3. Wudang district: Yangchang village and Pingba village, Yangchang town – Guaiji village, Baiyi town – Matou village, Xinpu township – Pianpo village, Pianpo township

4. Kaiyang county: Wangche village and Matou village, Hefeng township – Miaozhai village and Longguang village, Nanjiang township – Sanhe village, Shuangliu town

5. Guanshanhu district: Shicao village, Baihuahu town – Gaozhai village, Zhuchang town – Wenggong village, Jinhua town

6. Nanming district: Ganjing village– Shuitang village, Yongle township

7. Xifeng county: Yanglang village– Laojie village – Libei village – Maodong village, Yongyang sub-district–Li'an village–Pingshang village, Yongjing town

8. Gui'an New Area: Limu village– Puma village, Gaofeng town

9. Xiuwen county: Xingfu village, Yangming sub-district – Dushan village, Liutun town – Damu village, Liutun town

10. Qingzhen county-level city: Dachong village– Youer village – Ludishao village, Hongfenghu town – Shanshu village, Zhanjie town

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