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Ningbo fosters child-friendly environment through comprehensive initiatives

Updated: Apr 3, 2024 Print
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With approximately 1.44 million people under the age of 18, accounting for 15.3 percent of the city's population, Ningbo in Zhejiang province has made significant strides in becoming a child-friendly city.

Leading the charge is Beilun district, designated as a pilot area for creating child-friendly urban spaces. Last year, Beilun unveiled Ningbo's first children's map. The map, featuring a main map and 11 supplementary maps, highlights various public spaces, educational centers, and recreational spots across the district.

Under Beilun district's innovative approach, known as "micro-improvements", every detail is carefully crafted to meet the needs of young residents. Iterations of the map underwent multiple revisions to ensure inclusivity, considering factors such as the size of facilities and signage comprehension for children.

Ningbo's child-friendly initiatives extend beyond Beilun district. The city has implemented targeted strategies to improve service quality, including safety education, reducing educational burdens, and improving access to childcare facilities.

Efforts to enhance child-friendly schools, communities, and medical wards are underway. Initiatives include upgrading waterfront spaces and sports facilities and creating over 100 beautiful routes for children to travel to school safely. Ningbo has also initiated projects in primary and secondary schools, achieving 100 percent compliance with standard lighting in classrooms, installing 16,670 air conditioners, and equipping 35,781 student dormitories with air conditioners.

Haishu district, in particular, has launched a comprehensive childcare service center, offering integrated medical and educational services, and all childcare institutions in the district are cooperating with medical units. Haishu is paving the way for accessible healthcare for over 18,000 children.

Furthermore, Ningbo has enhanced infant and child medical insurance benefits, with increased financial subsidies and higher reimbursement rates. The city has also launched initiatives to ensure childcare facilities are readily available within communities.

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