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Jinan offers career opportunities for variety of professionals

Updated: Apr 2, 2024 Print
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Jinan, capital of East China's Shandong province, has unveiled new policies recognizing high-level talent employed by new-model businesses and in the fields of philosophy, social sciences, culture, arts and sports, providing them with new and exciting career opportunities.

At a recent symposium for high-level talent, 13 individuals were classified as belonging to the new-type employment sector, while 20 were recognized in the fields of philosophy, social sciences, culture, the arts, or sports. The designation represents the city's commitment to nurturing talents in various domains.

Among the 33 high-level talents recognized under the new policies, individuals engaged in grassroots social governance, community work, livestreaming e-commerce, express delivery, or online writing, as well as champion coaches for national sports events and professionals in literature, journalism, drama, have been acknowledged.

The introduction of the two policies has revolutionized traditional occupational categories and dismantled the previous emphasis on academic qualifications, professional titles, and awards. Instead, the policies align with the development of talent, focusing on innovative value, capabilities, contributions, and practical achievements.

For instance, livestreamers are recognized based on their sales volume for Jinan-based companies, while online writers are evaluated based on their copyright income tax payments in Jinan, and enterprise managers are assessed based on their annual tax contributions.

Song Longjie, an express deliveryman who was recognized as a Class E talent, said, "The recognition I received today as a grassroots express delivery worker reflects Jinan's regard for talent in new employment forms, including the express delivery industry. It has given us newfound motivation and hope because success can now emerge from anywhere, and hard work will always yield rewards."

Song Longjie, an express deliveryman who was recognized as a Class E talent, delivers packages in Jinan. [Photo/Tianxiaquancheng app]


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