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5 attractions in Baotou to waive admission fees for visitors

Updated: Mar 29, 2024 Print
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A total of 80 A-level tourist attractions in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region will waive general admission entrance fees from April 1 to Dec 31, aiming to benefit visitors.

These 80 tourist attractions are situated across various regions, including Hohhot city, Baotou city, Hulunbuir city, Hinggan League, Tongliao city, Chifeng city, Xiliin Gol League, Ulaanqab city, Ordos City, Bayannuur city, Wuhai city, and Alshaa League.

Among them, there are five attractions in Baotou, namely the Saikhantal Urban Grassland Scenic Area, the Yellow River Ballad Culture Scenic Area, the Xiaozhaozi Folk Culture Scenic Area, the Shihua Grassland Scenic Area, and the Wonderful Grassland Sisters Story Exhibition Hall.

1.作品:马到成功 作者:宝金   2019年7月拍摄于达茂旗达尔罕苏木,主人翁:斯琴格日乐_副本.jpg

The Shihua Grassland Scenic Area. [Photo provided to]

“草原英雄小姐妹”事迹展览馆。吴杰 摄_副本.jpg 

The Wonderful Grassland Sisters Story Exhibition Hall. [Photo provided to]

黄河谣民俗  宫伟恩 摄_副本.png

The Yellow River Ballad Culture Scenic Area. [Photo provided to]

8.作品:朵朵葵花向阳开(包头城中草原赛罕塔拉拍摄)     作者:宝金 13847290851. (8)_副本_副本.jpg

The Saikhantal Urban Grassland Scenic Area. [Photo provided to]

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