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Hohhot's talent retention initiatives drive regional development

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 Print
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In recent years, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has implemented various measures to establish itself as a competitive talent center and innovation hub.

These efforts, including the special 2024 action plan to retain 50,000 college graduates, aim to support Hohhot's transformation into a modern regional hub city.

An upcoming talent recruitment event, part of a series of job fairs for college students, will feature 280 companies offering over 7,500 job positions. These opportunities span sectors such as green agriculture, clean energy, electronics, and biomedicine.

Throughout the year, Hohhot plans to organize over 100 online and offline recruitment events, including the "Joint Recruitment of Graduates by Major Cities" event and "Graduate Employment Service Week". These initiatives will create a platform for precise job matching and aim to promote over 120,000 job positions.

Hohhot places great emphasis on employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people, especially college graduates. The city has implemented a three-year project to match 100,000 college graduates with local jobs, and has introduced policies like the "10 New Talent Policies" and "18 Measures to Attract and Retain Talent", providing comprehensive support for graduates to stay and start businesses in Hohhot.

From 2022 to 2023, these efforts attracted 83,700 college graduates to stay in the city for work or entrepreneurship purposes.

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