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Yili initiates projects for dairy development

Updated: Mar 25, 2024 Print
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Yili launches major projects on March 22. [Photo provided to]

Yili Group launched two major projects on March 22, aiming to innovate and enhance industry competitiveness.

The first is the Yili 35-40 project, which focuses on lean operations for development, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement; and the second is the project to upgrade superior cattle breeds and construct core cattle herds.

According to the "China Dairy Industry Quality Report (2023)", the average annual milk production per cow in China was 9.2 metric tons in 2022, which is lower than that of developed dairy countries. The Yili 35-40 project will use technology empowerment, innovation, ranch operation improvements, and talent development to support partner ranches in raising operational standards, reducing costs, and achieving milk production of 35 kilograms per day by 2025 and 40 kilograms per day by 2030.


Yili launches major projects on March 22. [Photo provided to]

Yili will also implement its superior cattle breed project by using genetic screening, embryo transplantation, and other techniques to help partner ranches tap into the genetic potential of their herds. This will establish healthy, high-yielding, and high-quality core herds. This project will be supported by incentives to promote comprehensive production performances that are in line with developed dairy countries.

Yili introduces the "Lean Operations" concept to help ranches diagnose and analyze value streams, reduce waste, minimize losses, improve production efficiency, and enhance organizational effectiveness.

Furthermore, Yili will integrate digital resources across the industry chain to build the "YiQiNiu Smart Ranching Ecosystem", which will elevate ranch operation and management. In the future, Yili will assist ranches in integrating smart equipment, utilizing IoT and big data, and cultivating "digital+" talents in order to make dairy farming more efficient and effortless.

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