Tai'an develops new quality productive forces to drive new industrialization

Updated: Mar 15, 2024 Print
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Tai'an is seeking to boost new industrialization by developing new quality productive forces.

To achieve the goal, Tai'an is bolstering efforts to promote technological innovation and advance the integration of the industrial chain and innovation chain.

Innovation is the fundamental driving force behind new industrialization, and enterprises are the main source of technological innovation and the development of new quality productive forces.

In 2024, Tai'an will better leverage the role of innovation alliances, initiating over 10 projects to tackle "bottleneck" technological challenges and over 10 projects related to the commercialization of major scientific and technological achievements. Additionally, the city will plan the construction of more than 50 municipal-level technology innovation centers.

Tai'an will also cultivate and establish a group of companies with annual revenues exceeding 50 billion ($6.95 billion), 10 billion, and 5 billion. It will seek to become home to an additional 200 industrial enterprises above designated size, 10 "little giant" enterprises, 10 provincial-level or higher single-item champion enterprises, over 80 new small and medium-sized enterprises that specialize in niche sectors, and more than 15 "gazelle" enterprises, and four listed companies.

Empowering digitalization to drive the intelligent development of industries is also an important measure to support new industrialization.

This year, Tai'an has set a goal to double the value added of core digital economy industries by promoting digital industrialization and industrial digitization. The specific tasks include nurturing future industries such as blockchain, metaverse, artificial intelligence, and 6G low-orbit satellite internet, supporting the growth of leading companies in digitalization, and implementing over 600 technological transformation projects.

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