Prosperous tourism future predicted for China

Updated: Feb 4, 2024 By Cheng Si Print
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The China Tourism Academy made an optimistic prediction recently that the nation's tourism industry will embrace a prosperous future after getting through a unconventional recession and slump caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

The academy said that the tourism market and the supply chains of the industry have been restored and the industry's workers and operators regained their confidence back in 2023. It is estimated that both of the domestic tourism visits and tourism-related revenue of 2023 will double from that in 2022 and reach 80 percent of the level in 2019 - the time before the epidemic hit.

The inbound and outbound visits to the Chinese mainland will total over 190 million in 2023, registering a 2.8-time rise from the previous year.

According to the academy, 2024 will show a better performance in tourism market, with the domestic tourism visits projected to exceed 6 billion throughout the whole year and bring about a tourism revenue of over 6 trillion yuan ($836 billion).

The academy estimated that the inbound and outbound visits in 2024 will reach over 260 million, making the nation's international tourism revenue expected to reach 100 billion dollars. These positive estimation lies in the nation's bettering economy, people's stronger traveling wills and the optimized entry policies.

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