Three recommended cultural spots to visit in Dongping

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Dongping county in Tai'an, Shandong, has a profound cultural heritage, rich tourism resources and three outstanding tourist attractions: Daicun Dam, Baifo Mountain, and Lashan Mountain.

Built in the ninth year of the Yongle period in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Daicun Dam has a history of over 600 years. Its main function is to divert water to ensure the connection of the Grand Canal between the north and south.

Daicun Dam is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and a key national cultural relic protection unit.


Daicun Dam in Dongping county, Tai'an. [Photo/WeChat account: dpwl2825181]

Baifo Mountain is another key national cultural relic protection unit in Dongping county.

The mountain is home to 134 grotto statues that are divided into five groups. Among them is a statue of the Amitabha measuring 6.7 meters in height, which has been hailed as the "number one Buddha of the Central Plains region in the Sui Dynasty (581-618)" by experts.


Baifo Mountain Scenic Area in Dongping county, Tai'an. [Photo/WeChat account: dpwl2825181]

Lashan Mountain, which is also dubbed "little Mount Tai", is also located in Dongping county. It is a national forest park with 72 peaks and over 40 scenic spots, including Sanqing Palace and Bixia Yuanjun Temple.

Lashan Mountain is also home to Lashan Mountain Taoist music, an intangible cultural heritage item recognized at the national level. This music is usually performed during Taoist rituals and scripture recitations at temples.


Lashan Mountain in Dongping county, Tai'an. [Photo/WeChat account: dpwl2825181]

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