Green peafowls eat among other wildlife in Yunnan

Updated: Oct 26, 2023 By Li Yingqing and Chen Meiling Print
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Green peafowls were recently photographed dining in harmony with other animals, such as silver pheasants, jungle fowl and red muntjac deer at the Konglonghe Nature Reserve in Shuangbai county, Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture of Yunnan province.

The green peafowl is the only native peafowl in China and is known as "the green spirit", "the king of all birds" and "the incarnate phoenix" in the country. As a global and national critically endangered species, it is classified as a species to be protected by the country and Yunnan province.

The Konglonghe Nature Reserve is the biggest habitat of green peafowl in the country. According to the survey, the number of green peafowls in Shuangbai county was only approximately 50 in eight to 10 groups before 2003 and increased to around 304 in 49 groups by the end of 2022, making Shuangbai "the home of green peafowls".

On top of green peafowls, the reserve is also inhabited by a variety of national-level protected animals, as well as wild plants under state protection, which adds a colorful touch to the picture of biodiversity in Chuxiong.

Video provided by the publicity department of Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture to

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