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Integrated Circuit College to be built in Shenzhen by Harbin Institute of Technology

Updated: Sep 28, 2023 By ZHOU HUIYING Print
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The Harbin Institute of Technology's Shenzhen campus is building the Integrated Circuit College. This is made possible due to the strong disciplinary foundation and ample resources provided by alumni and cooperative enterprises. Huang Yudong, who is the deputy headmaster of the Harbin Institute of Technology and also the headmaster of its Shenzhen campus in Guangdong province, shared this information during a recent symposium.

The symposium, which focused on the integrated circuit industry, was held on September 19, attracting a group of correlative enterprises to discuss industry development and college-enterprise cooperation. Konfoong Materials International Co Ltd and Gree Electric Appliances were among the groups that attended.

"I hope that the enterprises can fully leverage their intellectual and industry advantages to provide valuable suggestions for talent cultivation, scientific research, and outcome transformation for the college," said Huang. "The Shenzhen campus will maintain close contact with the enterprises, working together to achieve high-quality development and promote the high-quality innovation and development of China's integrated circuit industry."

Zhang Qinyu, deputy headmaster of the Shenzhen campus, introduced the construction of the Integrated Circuit College from the aspects of construction background, construction foundation, development goals, and planning layout.

"The Shenzhen campus will aim to build a top-tier integrated circuit college in the country," said Zhang. "We will focus on cultivating high-level talent in the field, nurturing a team of strategic scientists and first-class technological talent."

Enterprise representatives also put forward a series of ideas to strengthen college-enterprise cooperation.

Yao Lijian, Chairman of Konfoong, suggested that the Integrated Circuit College should leverage the Harbin Institute of Technology's scientific research advantages, as well as Shenzhen's industrial advantages, and cooperate with enterprises to cultivate customized talents.

"The college should integrate the needs of enterprises with academic projects to solve more major problems," he said.

Feng Yinxi, assistant president of Gree, hoped to strengthen communication and cooperation with the campus, build internships and create practical training platforms to further realize resource sharing and win-win cooperation.

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