WIC Global Youth Leadership Program calls for applications

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Who are We?

Since 2014, the World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summithas been successfully held for nine consecutive years. Over the past nine years, the Summit has continuously gathered wisdom, built consensus, and deepened digital cooperation. It has developed into a high-end global platform aiming to promote shared benefits and joint governance of the Internet, and the exchange and cooperation in the digital economy, which has won great attention, strong support and wide recognition from the international community.

In July, 2022, the World Internet Conferencewas formally established as an international organization, with the goal to build a global platform for extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits of the Internet, promote the international community to follow the trend of digitization, networking and intelligence in the information age, meet security challenges together, bring more benefits to the people, and build a community with a shared future in cyberspace.

What is the Global Youth Leadership Program?

The Global Youth Leadership Program(GYLP)is a brand activity of WIC international organization. It aims to select outstanding young people in the global Internet field, closely follow the frontier trends of Internet technology, industry and governance, carry out a series of youth activities around Training, Forum, Dialogue and Research, and build an international exchange and cooperation platform for young people to learn from each other.


To organize high-end field research and training programs in different countries and regions, invite global Internet leaders to give lectures, and improve the skills and capabilities of young people;


To organize the Global Youth Leadership Forum at the Wuzhen Summit every year, invite the youth leaders to give speeches on hot topics of the Internet, and build a platform for young people to share their voices;


To organize thematic seminars and invite leading figures from government departments, enterprises, research institutes and other communities to carry out dialogues with young people and help them integrate into the "circle of friends" in the global Internet;


To design research in light of hot topics such as Internet technology, industry and governance, and organize young people to conduct research and submit outcomes.

What Opportunities Can GYLP Youth Representative Get?


To attend, as a guest, the 2023 WIC Wuzhen Summitto be held in the fourth quarter of 2023.


To speak at the Youth and Digital FutureSub-forum at the 2023 WIC Wuzhen Summit.


To apply for round-trip air ticketsprovided by the organizers of the Wuzhen Summit and free catering and accommodationduring the conference.


To have the opportunity to engage in in-depth exchangeswith high-level representatives of other international organizations, governments, global leading Internet companies, well-known experts and scholars, and senior officials of the WIC international organization during the Wuzhen Summit.


To receive a certificateas the youth representatives for the WIC GYLP.


To be invited to participate in other activitiesof the World Internet Conference and a series of GYLP activities.


To have access to job opportunities at the WICinternational organization on a priority basis.

What are the Requirements to Join the GYLP?

· Embrace the mission of the WICinternational organization, have a strong sense of mission, actively spread and be willing to contribute to the concept of building a community with a shared future in cyberspace.

· Under the age of 45.

· Have made achievementsin the following fields related to the Internet and information and communication technology (ICT):


Working in government departments, with rich work experience in the development of Internet policies and industry management in their own countries; or working in an Internet-related international organization, with rich experience in international exchanges and cooperation, deeply involved in the development of norms on the Internet, and actively promoting the process of Internet governance.


Serving as the head or high-level manager of a leading Internet enterprise; serving as the founder or head of an Internet start-up with strong leadership, innovation capability, and influence.


Having made achievements in the research of Internet technology, industry and governance, and obtained relevant honors and awards, technology patents, or published papers in important global academic journals.

Public welfare

Serving as the head or high-level manager of a civil society or public welfare organization, with rich work experience in bridging the digital divide, enhancing digital skills and capabilities, utilizing digital technology to improve people's well-being, and promoting sustainable social development.

· Have a global visionand be willing to participate in the youth community of the WIC, and contribute to its development.

· Have diversified thinking ability across fields.

· Have excellent public speaking and presentation skills.

How to Apply?

Please submit all the following required application documents before 24: 00, August 31, 2023 (GMT +8):

1. Recommendation Form.Each applicant needs to provide ONE recommendation form filled out by an Internet field prestigious institution or influential figure. The recommender should state the recommendation reasons according to the above Application Requirements and affix the official seal or signature.

2. Application Form.The recommended candidate is requested to fill in all the required and necessary information.

3. Supporting documents.All matters mentioned in the Application Form should have relevant supporting documents, including but not limited to certificate of employment (certificate of enrollment), academic credentials, personal honors and awards, the cover and signature page of research results, patent certificates, and public records of personal deeds.

4. Video presentation and the transcript.Submit a video presentation and its transcript, including self-introduction and elaboration of relevant views on the Youth and Digital Future Sub-forum of the WIC Wuzhen Summit. Please keep the video no longer than 3 minutes.

Please compress all the application documents into a zip file and send to: youth@wicinternet.orgbefore 24: 00 (GMT +8), August 31, 2023. The Recommendation Form, Application Form, supporting documents, and video transcript should be merged into a PDF documentin the form of scanned copies. The PDF document, Video and the email subject should be named in the form of "Application for GYLP_Your Name".

Application documents (including video presentation) should be prepared in English or in Chinese.

What are the Recruitment and Selection Process?

Phase I: Application (August)

Submit all the application documents as required before the application deadline.

Phase II: Review (September)

The WIC Secretariat will conduct preliminary review of the applicants based on the completeness of the application documents and the Requirements for the Applicants, and then organize relevant experts to carry out the review.

Phase III: Notification (October)

The WIC Secretariat will contact the finalists and communicate with them on the schedule of attending the WIC Wuzhen Summit, as well as specific matters such as making presentations in the Youth and Digital Future Sub-forum.

Phase IV: Participation (4th Quarter)

Selected candidates will attend the 2023 WIC Wuzhen Summit as official guests.

How to Contact Us?

If you have any questions during the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Chen ( Welcome to sign up and continue to follow the WIC GYLP program. Let's work together to build an inclusive, open and dynamic community of global youth leaders of the WIC and build a community with a shared future in cyberspace.

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