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Shenzhen's regional train network expands

Updated: Jul 1, 2023 By WANG XU CHINA DAILY Print
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In a significant development for regional transportation, the high-speed rail network between Shenzhen and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is set to undergo a major expansion, with 18 more trains slated to commence operations from July 1, Shenzhen Railway Station told China Daily on Friday.

"The change is part of a bigger operating plan adjustment of the China State Railway Group, and is based on growing tourist demand since the resumption of high-speed rail services between Shenzhen and Hong Kong in January," said Guo Chenghai, head of Shenzhen Railway Station's public relation team.

According to Guo, the expansion is also expected to revolutionize travel between the two bustling cities by providing travelers with a faster, more comfortable and efficient mode of transportation.

"With reduced travel times and increased frequency of services, commuters and tourists alike can look forward to enhanced connectivity and convenience," Guo added.

Under the new plan, the total number of trains running between Shenzhen North Station and Hong Kong's West Kowloon Station will be 139, with 51 of them direct trains and the remaining 88 making a stop along the way. It will be an increase of 10 trains compared to the current schedule.

Meanwhile, there will be 62 direct trains and 28 trains making a stop at Shenzhen's Futian Station to West Kowloon, an increase of 32 trains.

As for Guangmingcheng Station, a station in Guangming district, north of Shenzhen, there will be 10 trains making a stop at Guangmingcheng before going to Hong Kong's West Kowloon, an increase of three trains.

Railway services between Shenzhen and Hong Kong had undergone a three-year suspension due to the outbreak of COVID-19. However, since the resumption of services, the number of passengers has been soaring in recent months. Over 1 million riders used its services in May, according to an estimate from Shenzhen Railway Station.


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