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Updated: Jun 27, 2023 By Cao Yin China Daily Print
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38-article rule seeks to enhance sense of identity, cohesion with Chinese culture

The patriotic education of teenagers is to be highlighted in schools and families, with measures taken to help residents of the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan enhance their sense of identity, a legislator said recently.

The requirement has been written into a draft patriotic education law, which was submitted to an ongoing session of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress, China's top legislature, for first review on Monday.

"While clarifying that all residents should receive patriotic education, the draft calls for schools and families to provide stronger education for children and teenagers," Xu Anbiao, deputy head of the NPC Standing Committee's Legislative Affairs Commission, said while explaining the legal document to lawmakers.

The draft also specifies rules on how to carry out patriotic education for government officials, employees of enterprises and residents from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

It states that the country should take measures to promote historical and cultural education for and introduce the national conditions to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents, helping enhance their sense of identity and their cohesion with traditional Chinese culture and ensuring they can safeguard national unity.

"Formulating the law is a legal means to guarantee and advance patriotic education in the new era. It will have a far-reaching significance for inspiring national spirit, promoting national development and achieving national rejuvenation by rule of law," Xu said.

He added the legislative item is also to implement the Constitution, which stipulates that every citizen should receive patriotic education, and has the duty to safeguard national unity, security, honor and interests.

"Patriotic education can be carried out on important anniversaries and festivals through various ceremonies, such as raising the national flag, playing and singing the national anthem and taking an oath to the Constitution," he said.

In the 38-article draft, the country and all walks of life are allowed to hold various forms of activities to carry out patriotic education annually on Oct 1, National Day.

It also requires governments at and above county levels to strengthen protection, management and utilization of Red resources to promote patriotic education, urging tourism and culture departments to figure out the patriotic spirit behind cultural relics and heritage, such as traditional villages, to inspire the public's patriotic enthusiasm.

Internet service providers will also be required to produce and spread patriotic content, with technological innovation and application in promoting patriotic education, according to the draft.

"Organizations and individuals will be encouraged to provide patriotic education," Xu added. "Their research and talent cultivation in this regard will be supported, and those making outstanding contributions will be awarded in line with the draft."

On Monday, the NPC Standing Committee also started deliberation of a draft law on developing barrier-free environments, a draft revision to the Administrative Review Law and a draft amendment to the Maritime Environment Protection Law, as well as multiple reports submitted by the State Council.

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