Qing Dynasty painting portrays mountain shrouded by clouds

Updated: Mar 28, 2023 Print
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White Clouds at the Mountain Valley, Kuncan, Qing Dynasty, from the collection of the Wuxi Museum [Photo/Official WeChat account of the Wuxi Museum]

Kuncan (1612-1673) was a renowned monk painter and calligrapher hailing from Wuling, Hunan province, during the early Qing dynasty (1644-1911). His works were characterized by intricate brushwork, bold and powerful strokes, and a talent for dry brushwork shading.

This painting by Kuncan, White Clouds at the Mountain Valley, features a steady and mature composition with distant mountains depicted using dry brushwork shading. The foreground depicts lush grass and trees with swirling mists, vividly creating a verdant and majestic landscape atmosphere.

Collection: Wuxi Museum



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