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Villages develop characteristic industries

Updated: Mar 24, 2023 Print
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In the past, Jindu Village mainly engaged in traditional agricultural industries, such as planting maize and sweet potatoes, with a small scale and low output. Last year, the village reached an agreement with Guaiyaomei Tujia Brocade Co., Ltd., transformed 500 mu (about 33.33 hectares) of contiguous land for cultivation of vine tea with an annual output of over 10,000 kg and provided jobs for more than 78 people with the per capita annual income increasing by over 10,000 yuan.

In addition, the village also transferred 100 mu (about 6.67 hectares) of mountain forest to plant the Chinese medicinal herb rhizoma polygonati and offered 32 jobs with the per capita income growing by 5,000 yuan. This year, it plans to expand another 150 mu (10 hectares). Villagers worked together to clean up the weeds under the forest and get prepared for planting.

At the beginning of spring, each village in the sub-district has been continuing efforts to develop their own characteristic industries, with Jindu village focusing on “Tujia brocade and vine tea”, Shuangxing village developing leisure farms and medicinal herb bases, Shuangwen village making good use of its sculpture industry park.

This year, Suoxiyu Sub-district will provide strong support for the development of enterprises like Guaoyaomei Tujia Brocade and Xiaobeilou, improve the mechanism for enriching farmers and strive to achieve economic and social benefits.

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