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Xiamen high-tech zone rises up national rankings

  • By Yuan Shenggao |
  • China Daily |
  • Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Xiamen Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries has achieved its best-ever result in the evaluation of national-level high-tech zones for 2022 by ranking 11th out of 169 national high-tech zones in China, according to the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The result is three places higher than that of 2021 and the third consecutive year that the zone has moved up in the rankings.

In recent years, the Chinese government has focused intently on the high-tech zones, clearly stating that they should be built into demonstration zones for innovation and quality development.

Based on survey data, work summary, evaluation questionnaires and other available information for 2021, the center performed the evaluation, which shows that the high-tech zone has made remarkable achievements in terms of its comprehensive strength, particularly in its contributions to innovation-driven economy, development of digital economy, openness and innovation of enterprises and investment in research and development.

The evaluation results also illustrate the significant progress made by the zone in its efforts to promote innovation-driven development, enhance its comprehensive strength, and improve its investment environment, providing strong support for its sustained, healthy and rapid growth.

According to the results, Xiamen Torch Development Zone ranks seventh in comprehensive quality and effectiveness and sustained innovation indicators and has built up a good environment for its innovation and entrepreneurship.

Innovation is the zone's inherent advantages, local officials said. Led by an innovation-driven development layout, the zone is strengthening the construction of innovation carriers to support its industrial parks.

The zone has been building science and technology innovation platforms, cultivating research institutions and developing leading innovation entities to build top-notch incubation carriers and attract cutting-edge innovation talent.

New innovation platforms in the zone are rapidly taking into shape. Last year, a cardiovascular health innovation base was launched and various factors that can boost innovation such as capital, talent and industry are gathering in the place.

Talent is the cornerstone of industry, and a wide range of achievements depend on a broad talent pool, officials said.

At present, a large number of talented individuals are attracted to the zone. A group of innovative and entrepreneurial talents are growing together with its rapid development. The zone has also established an international platform to attract global talent.

The sixth overseas innovation competition initiated by the zone has been expanded to the North American region from the Silicon Valley area. Based on overseas resources, the zone launched a technology talent recruitment work plan and released more than 100 high-paying positions in park enterprises to the world.

The zone has hosted the University Professional New Star Challenge for three consecutive years. Last year's competition helped companies connect with 2,275 students from 183 targeted universities across the country.

Four major measures, including lowering corporate recruitment costs through tutor subsidies and campus recruitment subsidies as well as guiding companies and universities to collaborate in nurturing talent through support for co-building internship, were launched to help local universities recruit more talent.

Last year, the zone introduced 26 hardcore measures for supporting high-quality development, and issued the first reward policy to boost the digital economic industry development in the parks.

Throughout the year, various financial support funds amounted to 6.7 billion yuan ($974 million), and about 3.4 billion yuan of tax reductions, exemptions and fee reductions were implemented.

The development of a high-tech zone depends on two indicators: whether innovation-driven development can be demonstrated and whether it is at the forefront of high-quality development, officials said.

As a leading high-tech zone and a core growth pole of Xiamen, the zone shoulders the mission of cultivating advanced manufacturing industry clusters, officials added.

The new energy industry has received much attention in the zone. With the commitment to building a new ecology led by lithium batteries, the zone is promoting simultaneous progress in the photovoltaic and energy storage fields. As a result, new energy industry giants, such as Shenzhen Kedali Industry, launched their projects there.

In the past few years, the zone has introduced a number of large-scale enterprise projects, such as Sitan Technology's Micro-LED project. In the semiconductor sector, the zone is also home to many competitive projects.

High-energy innovation platform projects, such as Tencent AI Innovation Center and Huawei Harmony developer innovation center, are among the highlights of the digital industry. In addition, a group of new economic and format projects were introduced to drive new growth in the economy.

Through the implementation of advanced manufacturing industry boosting plan, the zone is cultivating high-growth companies and potential business champions.

In 2022, 35 new national-level "little giant" enterprises and three national-level manufacturing single-item champions were newly launched in the zone, and 41 new "Torch Gazelle Enterprises" have been identified.

The zone has introduced more than 1,500 national-level high-tech enterprises and formed a development trend based on multi-level enterprise boosting plan. The results of Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology once again prove that the zone's comprehensive competitiveness has consolidated its advanced position among the other national high-tech zones in the country, officials said.

Guan Xuan, Liu Qing and Li Shun contributed to this story.

An innovation industrial park in Xiamen Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries is becoming home to more and more talent. CHINA DAILY
An innovation competition led by the zone takes place in the United Kingdom in 2022. CHINA DAILY
Technicians operate an instrument in a high-tech driven enterprise in the zone. CHINA DAILY

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