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Moseee's grandfather and grandmother pose at their home in a small village of Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, Xichang, Sichuan province. [Photo provided to China Daily]

With lyrics featuring both Mandarin and the Yi ethnic language, Moseee portrays his childhood moments with his grandmother, shares things from his life now and asks about hers in the song.

With a potent sense of longing and nostalgia, the singer-songwriter raps: "I can't come home this year, grandma. It's my fifth year being away from home. How is your life? Is there someone you can talk to when you are not happy? … Do you still like going to the market? … Does the old TV still work?"

After the song's release, it received warm feedback from the fans.

"They left me lots of messages. Some even shared their own stories about their grandmothers, which was beyond my expectation," says Moseee, mentioning that one listener, who also came from Daliang Mountains, wrote: "Grandmother is a very special person to me. She teaches me a lot and at the same time, she is like a child."

Moseee adds that some fans who might not fully understand the Yi language showed an interest in the unique culture. "They also shared their own local culture with me, such as introducing me to folk songs performed in the dialect of southern Fujian province," Moseee adds.

"Usually, I just focus on writing and recording a song. The moment it is released, it is the end — I don't think much about what the listeners think of the song or how well it will do. But this song is very different. The feedback of the listeners touched me very much," he says.

Moseee's family also listened to the song, including his 72-year-old grandmother, who told Moseee that she loves it, and that she was very surprised that he wrote such a song for her.

"I went home this January and visited my grandmother. She told me that she is very proud of me, which really matters to me," he adds.

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