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Raised by his grandmother, rising star pays homage to his cultural background, Chen Nan reports.

Moseee is a singer-songwriter who grew up in the Daliang Mountains area of Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture in Xichang, Sichuan province. Raised by his grandmother, he had a happy childhood, though his parents were busy with work and often away from home.

"My childhood memories were all connected to my grandmother. She sang Yi ethnic folk ballads while sitting near the bonfire during the night. She would hold my hand when she took me to the market, and I loved having potato that she baked," he recalls.

In October, Moseee was preparing for the graduate school entrance exam in Chengdu, Sichuan province, so he couldn't return to his hometown to be with his family for the traditional New Year of the Yi ethnic group.

"I haven't been home for the New Year celebration for about five years. I miss my family very much, especially my grandmother," says Moseee, who moved to Chengdu to study law at Chengdu University of Technology in 2017.

He decided to write a song to express his homesickness and his love for his grandmother. A Letter to Grandma was released on Dec 16, as a part of the compilation, Minority, Diversity, by Capitol Records China.

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