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Take care of your lips

Updated: Nov 10, 2022 Print
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What do healthy lips look like?
The color is ruddy and shiny, without cyan or pallor.
The skin is smooth and moist, without signs of dryness, peeling and chapping.
The lips do not overreact to external stimuli.
The lips are vulnerable to various stimuli and microbial infections. Microbial infection is mainly manifested in the form of cheilitis and herpes.

Causes of dry lips
1. Secondary conditions resulting from other skin diseases, such as seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and dermatitis eczema.
2. Unhealthy lifestyle, such as staying up late, too much stress, anxiety, lip licking, smoking and drinking.
3. Physical and chemical stimulation, including long-term exposure to sunlight, irritation from certain substances in lip balms, toothpastes and mouthwashes, and allergic reactions caused by some dyes in lip balms.
4. Infections, such as bacterial infection, herpes virus infection and candida infection, will cause cheilitis.
5. Dry climate. In autumn and winter, the air is dry, and the lips will dehydrate rapidly.
6. Drug use. Some medicine for external use or oral administration, especially retinoic acid preparations, can cause obvious peeling of the lips.

How to take care of your lips
1. Don't lick your lips. The evaporation of water will take away the little water available in the mouth and lips. Besides, amylase in saliva may cause infection in serious cases.
2. Do not pick at the skin on your lips. The correct way is to apply a hot towel on your lips for three to five minutes. You can gently brush off the dead skin with a soft and clean makeup brush, and then apply lip balm or moisturizer.
3. Use moisturizing products on your lips. You should choose mild and non-stimulating lip balms. If you have cheilitis, try to choose the ones without essence, preservatives or heavy metals. Do not choose those containing salicylic acid, hydroxy acid or vitamin A. You can choose lip balms which contain ceramide, vitamin E and other repair ingredients.
4. Apply sunscreen to your lips. Many lip balms now have a sun protection factor (SPF). If you are not used to applying lip balms, you can wear a mask. It can not only prevent viruses, but also protect lips and cheeks.
5.Avoid spicy food.
6.Keep regular hours and learn to relax yourself. Don't stay in a state of constant stress and anxiety.

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