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By 2020, the mileage of railway operation in the whole League reached 1,691 km. The Wuhai West-Jilantai Railway is 130 km long and the territory is 128 km long. The Gantang-Wuwei Railway has a total length of 172.2 km.

The Linhe-Hami Railway has a total length of 1,313 km and a territory length of 851 km. The railway line from Swan Lake West Station to Ceke Port is 71 km long. The railway from Jiayuguan North to Ceke Port is 452.3 km long and 344.9 km long in China. The Qingshui-Saihan Taolai Railway is 331 km long; the total length of Saihan Taolai connecting Jiace is 12.5 km, and the special railway line of Qinghua Logistics Center is 3.88 kilometers.

The railway network density of the whole League is 62.6 km per 10, 000 sq km, the electrification rate is 6.5 percent, and the double-track rate is 3.1 percent. In 2020, the total volume of railway freight transportation was 10.193 million tons, and the total number of passengers was 89,900.


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