Morin huur

Updated: Oct 25, 2022 Print
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Morin huur, also known as horse-head fiddle, is the traditional musical instrument of the Mongolian ethnic group.

Morin huur began to spread widely in prairies in the early 13th century. The resonance box of the instrument is trapezoidal, and the strings are composed of dozens of long ponytails, and both ends are tied with silk strings to the instrument. Its most prominent feature is that both the face and back of the box are covered with skin film, which is different from the general stringed instrument that only has the skin on the front (front mouth of the barrel) and the sound window is on the back (back mouth of the barrel).

The sound produced by rubbing the horsetail string with the horsetail bow is sweet, vigorous, and melodious, which is extremely unique in Chinese and foreign stringed instruments.

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