Ejine desert poplar forest beckons autumn tourists

Updated: Oct 25, 2022 Print
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Autumn brings stunning colors to the desert poplar forest in Ejine Banner, Alshaa League, located in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region. This forest is one of three remaining Populus euphratica forest reserves in the world. The scenic area integrates an assortment of landscapes including the gobi desert, grasslands, lakes and forests. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]
The Populus euphratica, commonly known as the Euphrates poplar or desert poplar, is a species of tree from the willow family. It is a bushy, deciduous tree whose trunk is often twisted and crooked. It usually grows in desert oases. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]
The Euphrates poplar forest boasts species of trees that grow in North Africa, across the Middle East and Central Asia to West China. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]


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