Alshaa High-tech Industrial Development Zone

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Alshaa High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Inner Mongolia is one of the key development zones at the autonomous region level. Located at the intersection of the Hohhot-Baotou-Yinchuan-Lanzhou economic belt in western China and the Ordos-Wuhai-Alshaa, it borders Yellow River to the east, Helan Mountain to the west, Shizuishan city in Ningxia to the south, and Wuhai city to the north. The Baotou-Lanzhou Railway, Wuda-Jilantai Railway, G6 Expressway, Wuhai-Bayanhot Highway and National Highway 110 intersect here. It is 130 kilometers away from Yinchuan Airport, 50 kilometers from Wuhai Airport and 120 kilometers from Alshaa Left Banner Airport.

Alshaa High-tech Industrial Development Zone and its surrounding areas are rich in mineral resources. There are 86 mineral deposits (accounting for 71.67 percent of the minerals discovered in the autonomous region), with a total of 416 producing areas. Among them, 54 species have development and utilization value, and 40 species have been mined.

There are 53 large and small salt lakes in the league, mainly Jilantai and Yabulai, with proven reserves of lake salt reaching 162 million tons. There are 10 trona producing areas with a total reserve of 577,600 tons; 30 nitrate producing areas with a total reserve of 100 million tons.

The Alshaa League is rich in coal resources, which is mainly distributed in Helan Mountain, Changshanzi and West Gobi Desert.

According to the requirements of new industrialization and the idea of developing circular economy, Alshaa High-tech Industrial Development Zone conscientiously implements the plan and further clarifies the development direction and industrial layout of the park.

That is, Ulan Buh Industrial Park, focusing on the development of salt chemical industry, coal chemical industry and fine chemical industry, actively combining with petrochemical and material chemical industry, and upgrading the existing industries, is the main battlefield for economic development.

Bayin Aobao Industrial Park, focusing on the development of strategic emerging industries represented by new energy, medicine and pesticides, and equipment manufacturing industries, is the new economic growth pole.

Helan District focuses on the development of education and health care, and supports life services such as commerce, catering and accommodation and financial services.

The zone has been rated as the first batch of eco-industrial park demonstration sites and circular economy industrial demonstration parks by the autonomous region. It is one of the top 10 industrial development zones, high-tech industrial development zones and the first batch of new industrialization demonstration bases in the autonomous region. It is also a 100 billion yuan park and a national high-tech industrial development zone determined by the autonomous region.

The zone has cultivated a number of national and autonomous region-level scientific and technological innovation carriers. It possesses one academician expert workstation, three autonomous region-level creative spaces, 10 autonomous region-level engineering technology research centers, enterprise R&D centers and one key laboratory, and the first fine chemical high-tech incubator park in the autonomous region. There are 18 national high-tech enterprises, with an output value accounting for 38 percent of the total output value of the park.

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