6 charming ancient villages worth an autumn visit

Tachuan village, Anhui province

Updated: Sep 23, 2022 Print
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Tachuan village showcases a picturesque view in autumn. [Photo/IC]

Tachuan village, also known as Tashang village, is a charming center tucked away between mountains in Hongcun town, Yixian county, Huangshan, Anhui province. Flanked by the Huangdui Mountains, the southwest extension of the Huangshan Mountains in the province, and facing Qishu Lake, it features Hui-style ancient folk dwellings with grey tiles and white walls.

The autumn scenery of Tachuan village is regarded as one of the top four autumn scenes in China and draws myriads of painters and photographers. Every autumn, during Frost’s Descent (a period from late October to early November), when the temperature drops significantly and frost starts to form, the village’s Chinese tallow trees change their colors from green to yellow to red, creating an amazing pastoral landscape. On an autumn morning, the trees are shrouded by the mist, farmhouses loom in the distance, and red maple leaves fall against a backdrop of grey tiles and white walls to form a Chinese landscape painting.

Ancient folk dwellings with grey tiles and white walls amid the colorful trees in autumn in Tachuan village [Photo/IC]

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