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High-tech zone plays its role in growth, industrial revitalization

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  • Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Northeast China's Liaoning province is to enhance its innovation capability with the expansion of the Shenyang High-Tech Zone, a national-level industrial development zone in Hunnan district, Shenyang city.

As a traditional industrial hub, the zone was established in 1988 and then approved as a national high-tech industrial development zone by the State Council in 1991.

Recently, the Shenyang city government launched a working format to support the zone's development. With more emphasis on technological innovation and industrial revitalization, the policy gives a new lease of life to the zone.

The working format also released a short-term development target. By 2023, the Shenyang High-Tech Zone will be built into a high-tech park with national influence and be ranked among the top 20 national high-tech zones. It is to be home to more than 2,000 high-tech enterprises and more than 100 working spaces and project incubators.

By then, the investment in scientific and technological research and development is to jump to 10 billion yuan ($1.48 billion).

"If we are determined to promote the all-around revitalization of Shenyang and achieve new breakthroughs, we must put innovation-driven development in a more prominent position," said Wang Xinwei, Party secretary of Shenyang.

The Shenyang High-Tech Zone should also be playing its role as a birthplace of emerging industries and a pivotal force in leading industrial revitalization.

The zone is one of many operating under the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

After years of development, institutions and enterprises in the zone have achieved important outcomes in such fields as software systems, robots, digital medical equipment and integrated circuit equipment.

The zone is now taking new-generation information technology as the core of the industrial system; intelligent equipment manufacturing and biomedicine as two driving forces in industrial upgrading; and civil aviation, high-tech service industry, new materials and new energy automobile industries as key fields to realize rapid growth.

The zone is taking a more proactive approach to optimizing its manufacturing industry through digital tools, paving the way to foster a number of well-connected and intelligent manufacturing methods and factories.

Aware of potential challenges in the future, officials in the zone have acted to accumulate industrial strength via diverse measures.

One measure is by carrying out investment and matchmaking activities both domestically and abroad.

By making full use of economic and trade activities and investment promotion events, they have generated a number of agreements.

They are also monitoring the development of projects which are new to the zone.

Officials have performed field investigations in some of the key projects, learned about their progress and made suggestions to speed up their work schedule. At the same time, there are also training courses provided by the zone's administration.

The contents cover business operation, policy interpretation and investment promotion.

Deepening service reform is another topic in optimizing the zone's governmental service. By exploring potential problems in some projects, officials can provide appropriate services.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), the Shenyang High-Tech Zone will optimize its industrial system based on the advantages it has accumulated over the years.

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