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Five frequently asked questions about myopia

Updated: Jul 13, 2022 Print
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Q: Will wearing glasses aggravate the degree of myopia?

A: Many parents mistakenly believe that wearing glasses will aggravate the degree of myopia.
Optical correction does not contribute to the progression of myopia. When glasses are worn correctly, the aggravation of myopia is simply due to the worsening eyesight. In childhood and adolescence, the visual function is in the stage of rapid development. Bad habits that hurt eyes may aggravate the degree of myopia, and wearing glasses with the correct prescription in time can help obtain clear vision and delay the development of myopia.

Q: What causes myopia among children and adolescents?

A: There are two main factors that cause myopia: genetic factors and environmental factors. Genetic factors mainly affect children and adolescents with a family history of high myopia. Environmental factors refer to consecutive hours of near-distance work, which is the main reason for the high incidence of myopia among children and adolescents in China.

Q: Can myopia be cured?

A: No.
At present, the medical treatment can only enable children to obtain good vision through optical correction (wearing glasses, etc.), but it cannot undo the structural changes that have occurred in the eyes. Therefore, parents need to establish the concept of "prevention first" and have their children’s eyes examined regularly.

Q: What are the treatment options to correct myopia among children and adolescents?

A: Wearing frame glasses is a common way of correction at present.
Wearing corneal shaping glasses, also known as OK glasses, can delay the development of myopia. However, it should be noted that wearing OK glasses requires rigorous evaluation by doctors, comprehensive and careful examination and appropriate wearing habits. Low concentration atropine eye drops can be used to delay or control the progress of myopia.

It is suggested that parents take their children to a regular medical institution and choose a myopia correction method suitable for them as recommended by the doctor.

Q: Can children have myopia surgery?

A: There are strict indications for myopia correction surgery: the patient's age is required to be over 18 years old, and the degree of myopia must be stable.
For patients undergoing corneal laser surgery, their myopia should not exceed 1,000 degrees. For those having intraocular lens implantation, their myopia should be not more than 1,800 degrees, and that of the patients undergoing the astigmatism correction must be within 600 degrees.

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