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Trailblazers' Stories of Beijing

Updated: Jul 1, 2022 Print
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With the rapid development and increasing opening-up of Beijing, more and more expatriates are coming to the Chinese capital city to find their opportunities. Specializing in various sectors including healthcare, education, and high technology, they are witnesses to the city's immense changes and its trailblazers. In this series of videos, they share their stories about their development and experience in Beijing and how they view the city through their eyes.

Founder of UFH Roberta Lipson: Multiple progress made in Beijing

Seeing the glorious past of China as a Chinese history major in the 1970s, Roberta Lipson, founder of United Family Healthcare (UFH), the first foreign-invested healthcare group in China, decided to come to the country after graduation from college in the United States. After 40 years of development, UFH has established nine hospitals and 14 clinics in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

"The business environment and the regulatory environment (in China) has become increasingly transparent, which is very helpful for people to set up businesses," said Lipson. The country has also made much progress in other fields such as intellectual property protection and improving patient friendliness, she said.

Having witnessed the great changes in Beijing, the Chinese capital, over the past decades, Lipson said she is also reminiscent of old Beijing she lived in and experienced for many years. "Sometimes I missed the sights and the sounds of the hutong of old Beijing which is getting harder and harder to find," she said.

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