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Tips on repelling mosquitoes in summer

Updated: Jun 7, 2022 Print
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Some people are more “attractive” to mosquitoes .

1.People who exhale more carbon dioxide
The carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body has a strong appeal to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes mainly rely on olfactory organs (their antennae) to sense target information in the air. Although a mosquito is only one centimeter long, its search distance can reach up to 60 kilometers.

The more carbon dioxide a person exhales, the concentration of carbon dioxide around his or her body is higher, and the target “image” presented in the mosquito's field of scent will be clearer, which in turn will enable the mosquito to track down the target.

2.People with high metabolism and those who sweat more
People who sweat copiously have higher lactic acid content in their blood and higher acidity in their sweat, which is also appealing to mosquitoes. Moreover, the antennae of mosquitoes are very sensitive to temperature changes. The human body is constantly radiating heat through sweating, and this temperature change is quite tempting for mosquitoes.

Children are vulnerable to mosquito bites, while the elderly are not, because mosquitoes like people with high metabolism. Pregnant women are easier targets for mosquitoes too. Their exhalation volume is 21 percent higher than that of normal people, and the exhaled moist gas and carbon dioxide will attract a large number of mosquitoes. Moreover, their body temperature is also higher than that of others, making them more appealing to mosquitoes.

3.People who like to apply make-up
Many perfumes containing stearic acid as well as hair gels and face cream with floral fragrance are very attractive to mosquitoes. Your chance of being bitten by mosquitoes will be higher when you apply these products. However, there are also some odors that mosquitoes hate, such as odors of bay leaves, lemongrass oil, and garlic.

4.People who like to wear dark clothes
Mosquitoes prefer darkness and like to suck blood in weak light. During the day, when people wear dark clothes, the reflected light is darker, which will attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes like the color black most, followed by blue, red and green. Similarly, mosquitoes love to bite people with darker or redder skin. White is the color most disliked by mosquitoes.

Tips on repelling mosquitoes in summer
1.Take a shower after exercise.

2.Eat more vegetables containing carotene.

3.Wear light-colored clothes that do not absorb heat or attract mosquitoes.

4.Put some plants at home that can beautify the environment and repel mosquitoes, but are harmless to human body, such as jasmine, mint and lavender.

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