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Protecting our livers

Updated: Mar 30, 2022 Print
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Fat is not the enemy of the liver
Many people consider fat to be the enemy of the liver. On the contrary, fat is an essential nutrient for the liver. Some patients diagnosed with fatty liver disease eat vegetables and fruits only, which is a big misunderstanding.

Even if people are diagnosed with fatty liver, they needn’t say goodbye to meat. If people want to nourish and protect the liver, fat and protein should respectively account for 20 percent in their daily food and the remaining 60 percent should be carbohydrates found in staple food. The liver needs fat, and therefore, lean meat, low-fat milk and shrimp are the first options.

Protein can repair the liver
Eggs, tofu, milk, fish, chicken, sesame and pine nuts are high-protein and low-calorie foods, and among the liver’s favorites. The rich protein in these foods can repair liver cells and promote liver cell regeneration.

Sugar can protect the liver
Sugar is an important substance to protect the liver. Glucose provides about 70 percent of the body's energy needs. If a person lacks energy for a long time, it will affect the liver’s functioning. Sugar can synthesize a substance called liver glycogen as well, which stores in the liver to prevent damage to liver cells caused by toxins ingested into the body.

Except for diabetic patients, ordinary people can calculate how much sugar to eat per day based on their weight. Each kilogram of body weight enables people to take 1 gram of sugar. An adult weighing 60 kg should have no more than 60 grams of sugar per day.

Vitamin A can fight liver cancer
Studies have shown that vitamin A can protect the liver as well as stop and prevent the increase of cancer cells in the liver. Vitamin A can restore the function of the liver's normal tissues and reduce the recurrence rate of cancer for chemotherapy patients.

Men need 800 micrograms of vitamin A per day, while women need 750 micrograms per day, which can be met by eating a carrot, 65 grams of chicken liver, 200 grams of canned tuna or a cup of milk per day.

The B-vitamins are the liver "gas station"
The B-vitamins are the liver "gas station". They can accelerate metabolism, turn into energy as well as repair the liver’s function and prevent liver steatosis that may cause fatty liver. People who drink alcohol should take extra B-vitamins, because they also can enhance the liver's tolerance to alcohol and protect the liver.

Since B-vitamins can be dissolved in water, they can only stay in the body for a few hours. Therefore, B-vitamins must be taken every day. Pork, soybean, rice and mushrooms all have plenty of B-vitamins.

Liver loves green foods
Studies have shown that the colors green, white and baby blue are good for relieving the mental tension and fear of patients with liver diseases, and the green environment outdoors can play a positive role in promoting their rehabilitation.

Green foods are not only beneficial to the circulation of inner energy of the liver and metabolism, but also do a good job in eliminating fatigue and slowing liver depression. Eating dark or green foods can nourish and protect the liver.

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