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NPC deputies hail strong support of govt work report

Updated: Mar 8, 2022 By YUAN SHENGGAO China Daily Print
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Deputies from Zhanjiang to the National People's Congress hailed this year's Government Work Report, delivered at the opening of the fifth session of the 13th NPC on Saturday, as strong support for the city's growth.

Ning Ling, an NPC deputy, who serves as vice-president of Guangdong Ocean University, said that compared with that of previous years, this year's report delivers stronger policy support and is more encouraging to livelihood projects.

He expected Zhanjiang's future to be more promising in four aspects reflected in the report.

Increasing financial aid from the central government to local regions will boost Zhanjiang's high-quality development. Tax reductions for small and micro-businesses will benefit entrepreneurs in the city. The country's consistency in macroeconomic policies and balanced development among various regions are conducive to Zhanjiang's enhanced reforms and opening-up. The report called for growing investment in scientific and technological research and innovation activities, which will boost improvements to innovation platforms in the city, he said.

Liu Xiaoquan, an NPC deputy from a village in Zhanjiang, said she is impressed at the high frequency that the issues of agriculture and villages, rural vitalization and improvement in people's life quality are mentioned in the report.

She said it is encouraging for her to learn from the report that the government will continue improving public services and addressing the public's common concerns closely related to their life quality.

"The proposal that I've brought to the meeting focuses on addressing the weakness in rural vitalization," she said, adding she would contribute her opinions on such issues as increasing financial aid for rural vitalization in less developed areas, enhancing fire safety in rural areas, and supporting the addition of an irrigation project to Guangdong province's water resources allocation program in the Beibu Bay Rim.

Wu Xiwei, an NPC deputy and executive director of Zhongke (Guangdong) Refinery and Petrochemical Project, said that as a deputy from the petrochemicals front, he felt the significance that the central government has attached to bolstering State-owned enterprises and growing the strength of the petrochemicals industry.

"That signals the direction for our petrochemicals industry's future and provides guidance for its development, thus boosting our faith and resolution in immersing ourselves in the energy sector and creating world-leading businesses," he said.

Petrochemicals is one of the fields that are key to realizing the country's goals of carbon peaking and neutrality, Wu said. "We will conduct research on energy efficiency from the perspective of our company's development in the long run and introduce state-of-the-art energy-efficient technologies and equipment to our new projects."

Lin Shuixi, an NPC deputy and board chairman of sugar maker Jinling Group, said it strikes him most that the report included various measures to spur the growth of the real economy, in response to increasing risks and challenges in the current era.

The report provides businesses with timely relief from their development pressure and difficulties, which will bring the market entities new life, he said.

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