Expats enjoy Spring Festival in Xiamen

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Yuki (left) and his fiancée (middle). [Photo/]

Yuki, Japanese, 34 years old, a chef at Jiujiu Rishi restaurant in Xiamen, also chose to stay in Xiamen to spend the holiday.

"I will celebrate this year's Spring Festival with my fiancee and her family," said Yuki. He remembers during last year's Spring Festival that his fiancee Huang Peiting's parents prepared many types of food he likes such as mutton hot pot, seafood dishes, and local specialties.

"I've been in Xiamen for 11 years," Yuki said, adding that he visited Xiamen for the first time with his father when he was in the sixth grade.

He said that he had a special feeling from experiencing the city during that trip and later on after graduating from university, he decided to further study Chinese at Xiamen University.

After graduating from Xiamen University, Yuki stayed in Xiamen to work as a Japanese chef. He is strict with ingredients and visits the market to select ingredients one by one.

However, some vendors speak only the local dialect, so Yuki always takes a notebook to communicate with the vendors through written words.

"Those are old stories. Now Yuki can not only speak standard fluent Chinese, but also sing many songs in Minnan (Southern Fujian) dialect," Huang said proudly.

Huang said that Yuki also likes strolling along old alleys in Xiamen to taste the authentic local dishes.

"Spring rolls and Shacha noodles are delicious," said Yuki, noting that he loves the slow rhythm, graceful atmosphere and people's hospitality in Xiamen.

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