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  • Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Ben Bang Cai (Shanghai local food) refers to folk cuisine originating from the Sanlin and Gaoqiao areas of Shanghai’s Pudong New Area. It caters to local residents with its unique taste, characteristics, thick oil, red sauce and honest taste. Ingredients are braised, allowing the marinade to penetrate inside to deliver a rich and long-lingering taste. Due to strong localism, such delicacies are usually flavorful and authentic.

In the past, Shanghai locals entertained their guests with the Old Eight Dishes, which were slightly different in different areas. They are Steamed Three Fresh Delicacies, Three Kinds of Slices, Old Sweet Pork, Dumplings Stuffed with Minced Meat and Egg, Sweet Osmanthus Pork, Water Bamboo Shoots & Preserved Pork, Lily Flower & Fish and Shallot Meat Skin Soup.

There are many Ben Bang Cai restaurants throughout Shanghai. The most famous is Dexing Restaurant, first established in 1883 by Li Lingen.

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Major Events

  • Green keyword in Shanghai aviation forum

    Green development snatched the spotlight at the North Bund International Aviation Forum 2021 on Thursday in Shanghai, as industrial leaders launched a carbon reduction cooperation initiative for the global aviation sector, and a standard for green airports was issued as well.

  • Shanghai FTZ to host first art season

    The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone in East China's Shanghai will hold the first Shanghai FTZ Art Season, which will run from Oct 12 to Dec 31, at the Shanghai International Artworks Bonded Service Center.

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